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Kapur Gugal Incense Stick

Rs. 699 Rs. 1,499

Kapur Gugal Incense Stick

  • Net volume- 240 Gram

Why you’ll love Kapur Gugal Incense Stick

  • The combination of camphor and gugal creates a very unique, earthy fragrance
  • The spicy, cooling effect of camphor, combined with the warm, woody effect of gugal helps stimulate the mind, and body
  • The strong aroma of camphor and gugal combined helps as a decongestant
  • The effect of gugal and kapur combined helps soothe the mind in a way that can only be experienced firsthand
  • The healing properties of this scent helps spread a soothing, positive energy in the house
  • This positivity also helps with stress-busting, and is the perfect way to start, or end your day
  • The warm, earthy, slightly sweet aroma of the guggul resin, with the herbal, spirit-like scent of camphor makes this uniquely earthy incense stick an extremely popular choice amongst users.
  • Extremely soothing, and used for a variety of medical reasons

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